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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to You!

It has been a momentous year since the re-start of the Coalition for Property Rights-FL in late September.

Our grassroots movement is growing.  A property rights legal defense team is being formed.  And, CPR-FL is working of legislation to:

1. protect your property from unreasonable taxes and fees

2. require local government to consider your property rights in local decision-making

3. protect property owners from exorbitant costs associated with BMAP mandates to replace their septic systems

CPR-FL is positioned to make a difference in your property rights.  Will you help us do so?

As the holiday season and the end of 208 is upon us, please consider a donation of $25, $50, $100, or more by using our secure PayPal account.

Every donation helps turn plans into reality.  Upon receiving notice of your donation, CPR-FL will send you a receipt.

You can also help by encouraging others to sign-up for our newsletters and/or arrange for CPR-FL to speak to your group.

As the 2019 Legislative Session approaches, do you know your rights as a property owner?

Those who advocate for property rights recognize five areas or “sticks” in the “bundle” of property rights.  It is important to know and understand these in order to recognize and oppose those seeking to deny them.

Right One – Possession: The first “stick” is the right of possession.  As the owner, you have the right to occupy and use your property.  You also have the right to control any interests in or over your property.  Provided mortgages and taxes are paid, you possess the legal rights to control your property. No one else shares these rights except by you, the owner, granting rights.

Right Two – Use: As the owner, you have the right to use your property and enjoy the benefits accrued from such ownership, provided they are done within the law.  Such uses may include your personal occupation, leasing to someone else, development for residential or commercial use, or simply holding it with the hope that the future value of your purchase will increase.  Each of these uses have an investment-backed economic expectation.

Right Three – Enjoyment: As the owner, you have the right to quiet enjoyment.  These does not refer to the level of sound around your property.  Rather, it refers more to the peace of mind that comes from your right to exclusively own your property.  No one else, other than you or those you choose to place on the title, has the right to own your property.  The value of title searches and title insurance can be critical here.

Right Four - Exclusion: As the owner, you have the right to exclude others from entering or benefiting from the use of your property. It protects your property, your privacy, and your possessions from others.  Exceptions to this include law enforcement with a warrant or those with easement rights such as utility companies.

Right Five – Disposition: As the owner, you have the right to dispose of your property by selling it or giving it away. This also includes your right to lease your property to someone else for their use giving them a personal interest in your real property.

These are your basic property rights and CPR-FL is committed to informing you about and promoting to others.  These are the rights that have made the United States history’s most exceptional and most prosperous nations.

Fighting for these rights needs your financial support.  So again, please consider a donation of $25, $50, $100, or more by using our PayPal account.

And again, from CPR, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!

Yours for sustaining property rights!

Dan Peterson

Coalition for Property Rights-FL. Inc.
P.O Box 1875, Minneola, FL 34755

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