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The Coalition for Property Rights is disappointed to announce that SB 410 – Growth Management – has been vetoed by Governor Ron DeSantis.  This decision represents a victory for those who opposed the bill, namely the members of a few but well-funded entities who favor protecting government control and the environment rather than the property rights of citizens. 

CPR has been told that the property rights element portion of the bill found favor, but one portion of the bill was deemed objectionable.  That was a portion of the bill that basically said that when a city annexes property from a county, that city could now determine how the land in that annexed area could be used.  County government would have been prohibited from dictating how that annexed land could be used.  Seminole County was especially vocal in its opposition.  Why a county government should be allowed to control a city’s property would seem to be a violation of a city's  jurisdictional authority.

Plans are being considered to bring this bill back in the next Legislative Session in a cleaner form.

CPR wishes to thank all you patriots who expressed their support for SB 410 via phone calls and emails to the Governor’s office.  Your voice had an impact, reminding legislators and state executives of the values and principles which have made our state and nation great.

CPR also extends a special word of thanks to this year’s sponsors, Senator Keith Perry (R-Gainesville) and Representative Stan McClain (R-Ocala) for their relentless work.  CPR also thanks Representative Chuck Clemons (R-Gilchrist), one of the original bill sponsors and strongest advocate.

CPR will continue to keep you informed of future plans for this legislation as well as other property rights issues. 

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