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There are a few important features that appear as buttons on your pages. They are described below:

Category buttons (Centers) will quickly tell you the general area of the news article. Many overlap so if you see more than one, it is indicating a crossing of ideas.  When you click on any of the buttons, the website will sort to only that specific area of news. Articles are published latest first.

Share buttons are a convenient way to drop a share link into your social media. It will create a share posting into Facebook’s social media platform. You will then have the option to add comments before posting your own sharing of a Coalition for Property Rights article. We depend upon your grass roots support to get the word out.

A Print and PDF button will format the news article (post) or page for printing or creating an attachment suitable to email.

When News Articles pertain to more than one Center (Category), the article will only appear in the first Center Listed.

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