Tallahassee Live – April 14

A Breath of Life for the Property Rights Element Bill?
Last week, the Property Rights Element Bill (HB291/SB 428) was heard in the House State Affairs Committee and, it passed! That means this week, there is the potential it could be voted on my the entire Florida House.

There is the possibility for Senate action as well.. Once a bill has been heard and passed by one committee, it can be eligible to be withdrawn from its next committee. The bill sponsor is attempting to withdraw the bill from the Senate Judiciary Committee and have it heard in the Senate Rules Committee, its final committee assignment. That committee will meet at least two more times. So, stayed tuned…CPR will keep you informed.

Septic System/Environmental Bills Uncertain
The direction of several environmental issues seem very uncertain right now unless legislative leaders have a surprise last-minute plan. CPR has put together a list of septic system amendment proposals related to several bills which are germane to the environment and septic system issues just in case. These ideas are being delivered to various House and Senate bill sponsors in case opportunities arise for there use.

At this point of a legislative session (only three weeks remain) , just about anything can happen and CPR is ready. Again, CPR will keep you informed.

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