Tallahassee Live: Final Committee Week Update

Property Rights Bill Passes First Committee

I’ve just returned from Tallahassee where it was a good week for property rights. HB 291, a bill requiring that every local comprehensive plan contain a “property rights element” passed its first committee in the House Subcommittee on Local, Federal, and Veterans Affairs. Next will be the Commerce Committee.

Septic System Bill Has Sponsors

There was another victory step regarding the septic system issue. Representative Kamia Brown has agreed to sponsor a septic system bill. And, Senator Randolph Bracy has agreed to be the Senate sponsor. Their commitment is critical as the 2019 Legislative Session begins March 5.  A draft of the bill is being  sent to the bill drafting offices and will then be filed.

The bill will call for:

1. A neutral, third party organization to test and certify all septic systems for Florida.
2. To be certified for nitrogen reduction, each septic system must reduce 65% of the nitrogen.
3. Once certified, a product will be available for sale in Florida.

Why the Septic System Bill Is Critical

This means new innovative technologies, which are affordable and better at nitrogen reduction, would gain market entrance in Florida. To date, they have been prevented from being put onto the market even though such technology has been known for more than nine years!

In fact, one company has spent more than $350,000 since 2010 trying to make their nitrogen producing product available to you.

Be aware that there are legislators and agency personnel that do not want to introduce competitive products into the market. For whatever reason, they want to give certain products unfair advantage to the detriment of you, the property owner, and to the detriment of the environment.

We must not allow that to happen. There are people who will want to crush this bill.

A Time for Vigilance and Action

As this bill goes through the drafting department and is filed, CPR will keep you informed. Our intention is to be there every step of the battle. We hope you will be, too. CPR urgently needs your financial support to give you a presence in Tallahassee.

Will you please help? It’s “crunch time” with the Legislative Session beginning March 5. CPR has gotten this topic in front of legislators who are willing to be sponsors. Help keep the momentum going. Please contribute today by clicking on the DONATE button.

Help make a difference. NOW is the time!

Thank you,
Dan Peterson

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