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The Coalition for Property Rights-FL (CPR-FL) is a movement of property rights advocates, founded in Florida’s Constitution and grounded in Florida’s Statutes.

CPR-FL exists to:

1. PROSECUTE for the rights to use, improve, enjoy, and maintain one’s property.

2. DEFEND property rights against overreaching regulations and rules, unlawful exactions, costly delays in due process, unfair taxation, unnecessary bureaucracy, etc.

3. MAXIMIZE private property ownership by limiting government acquisitions.

4. PROMOTE responsible maintenance and restoration of government property.


CPR-FL envisions a state where private property owners have the liberty to enjoy and fulfill the purposes for which their property was purchased.  This includes the rights to improve one’s property, maintain one’s property, and keep property private from people and government (exclusion).  It is a state where a property’s tax burden is kept at a minimum and its value allowed to increase as dictated by a free market.

It is CPR-FL’s expectation that property owners will be the best stewards of their property. Government’s role should be to protect property and its regulatory demands should be limited to ensure public health and safety. Anything beyond this should be based on real need that is objectively evaluated, founded in observable scientific facts, and assigned to an agency and/or person who will be held accountable.  Government “solutions” to problems must be affordable and cost effective.  Its results (success or failure) must be measurable.


CPR-FL is focused on:

  • offering and advancing pro-property rights policies and perspectives to the public and public officials.
  • building and mobilizing a movement of educated grass roots advocates and like-minded partners.
  • coordinating a legal team of expert property rights attorneys to defend property rights in a court of law.


The Coalition for Property Rights originated in 2001 when Doug Doudney, a fourth-generation Orlando businessman, founded the organization with other business leaders. Their purpose was to protect private property rights from governmental regulatory overreach at the local level and educate property owners across Florida as to their rights.

From those early, successful days, CPR-FL, led by executive directors Carol Saviak and Dan Peterson, expanded the work beyond the local to the state and national levels speaking out against unreasonable and extreme government efforts to unconstitutionally restrict the use of private property rights. For a brief time, CPR was a policy center for the James Madison Institute in Tallahassee, Florida.  In 2018, however, it reset its status as an independent advocacy movement.  Today, CPR-FL advocates for property rights at all government levels and leads a growing movement of advocates across Florida while networking with think tanks and other advocates across the United States. We operate as a Florida non-profit 501(C)3 corporation.

CPR-FL Leadership

Dan Peterson – President

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