Descriptions of CPR News Categories

  • Environmental Restoration

    In this section, you will find information on environmental restoration efforts in Florida including the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee,, Indian River Lagoon and the Kissimmee River.

  • Government Ownership & Conservation

    The trend towards increasing land ownership by the public – that is, government – deserves attention. In the United States, as well as in Florida, government owns, on average, one in three acres.

    Under this heading, you will find information and opinions on issues such as quantity of government ownership, purposes of government ownership, stewardship of government-owned land, etc.

  • Private Ownership Rights

    From the beginnings of our nation, property rights have been thought of as a bundle of rights, a bundle of property rights “sticks.” They include the right to possess, enjoy, use, exclude from, and dispose of one’s property.

    Under this heading, these rights are addressed as they relate to eminent domain, inverse condemnation, regulatory takings (Bert J Harris), exactions, zoning, maintenance, etc.

  • Property Appraisal & Taxation

    A significant portion of government revenue is generated by the taxes put upon property. How property is appraised and taxed greatly affects the ability to own it and use it.

    Under this heading, government policies regarding its use of property to generate revenue for government and how such revenues are spent by government are addressed. Appraisals/assessments, exemptions, various taxes applied to property (such as property assessments, school taxes, special district taxes, sales tax, and documentary stamps) are included.

  • Special Issues & Resources

    In addition to issues more directly related to property rights, there are a number of property-related special interests and issues which also affect such rights.

    Included under this section you can find information and perspectives related to agriculture, ranching, energy, sustainability, free-markets vs. socialism, growth management, government’s effectiveness, efficiency, and fiscal stewardship, science, home rule, affordable housing, insurance, home owner associations, policies of and actions by government entities/agencies/departments, etc.

  • Wastewater Management

    The quality of Florida waters is threatened by two sources: wastewater and storm water.

    Managing wastewater includes septic systems and sewer systems (pipes and wastewater treatment plants). Managing storm water includes runoff, storage and treatment.

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