The Coalition for Property Rights-FL has hit the ground running in Tallahassee. This week I spent time in the capitol promoting good property rights policy on two fronts.


First, CPR met with Representative Scott Plakon and Senator David Simmons to put forth an affordable solution to the septic system replacement mandate issue. The plan calls for accelerating affordable, more effective, innovative technologies into the market place as alternative replacements to the expensive, advanced systems currently available. Such innovative technologies have been developed and tested and documented to be effective at neutralizing bacteria and reducing harmful nutrients. And, they are completely passive – no electricity needed and no mechanical components.
Tragically, bureaucracies within the Florida Department of Health have delayed and prevented these innovative technologies from being put on the market and available to you. Some of these innovative technologies have been known since 2006, yet they are still struggling to obtain permission from the FDOH Bureau of Onsite Sewage so these new products can be used to satisfy septic conversion mandates.

The CPR-offered solution calls for an independent third-party agency to test and certify new technologies that do not fit into the mold of the FDOH. These new technologies would need to two important criteria. They must neutralize bacteria and they must reduce nitrogen and phosphorus.
The market entrance to passive, innovative technologies will be good for homeowners (affordability with little maintenance), good for the environment (more nutrient reduction), and good for the state’s fiscal stewardship (tax dollars can be directed to other important needs).

CPR-FL has been asked to provide legislators with more research. This research and outreach effort can only be accomplished with your financial support. To donate, please visit:



The second front is property rights protection within growth management. Every community has a comprehensive plan. In making decisions about the use of property, local governments are mandated to consider nine issues of “elements.” Unfortunately, none of these nine, listed in Florida Statute 163.3161, give visibility to property rights, despite the Legislature’s intent to consider private property rights, as expressed in Florida Statute 163.3161 (10).

Now a solution has been put forth by Representative Stan McClain and Senator Keith Perry. They have filed legislation that will require a tenth mandated element be added to every comprehensive plan saying simply that property rights must be considered in local decision making. You can read these bill yourself – HB 291 and SB 428 at www.myfloridahouse.gov or www.flsenate.gov.

CPR-FL is advancing policies which protect your property rights. Please join CPR by donating today!


Thank you…CPR-FL will keep your informed!

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